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Denton, Texas

Denton is a city in the United States and the county seat of Denton County, Texas. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, the city population was 80,537, making it the eleventh largest city in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. In July 2006, however, the United States Census Bureau estimated Denton’s population as 109,561. The same estimate names Denton as the nation’s ninth fastest-growing city among those over 100,000 people.

Denton is home to two state universities, the University of North Texas, the largest university in North Texas and the fourth largest in Texas, and Texas Woman’s University, the largest state-supported university for women in the United States. Both the city and county were named after John B. Denton, a pioneer, preacher, lawyer and Texas Militia Capitan. Residents of Denton are known as “Dentonites” and the city has been known as the “Redbud Capital of Texas? since 1993. In 2006, Denton was selected by Money magazine as one of the “Top 100 Best Places to Live”.

Denton Careers

Among the most common occupations in Denton are Management, professional, and related occupations, 34%. Sales and office occupations, 26%. and Service occupations, 16%. Approximately 69 percent of workers in Denton, Texas work for companies, 21 percent work for the government and 4 percent are self-employed.

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